What’s your dream book?

I’ve been off the grid for three months, I know, my bad! Why? Two huge projects one after the other, plus two training, a fair, etc.  I’ll catch up, I promise, but first… Let’s talk about dreams!

Yeah, because dreams are what animates us. My whole life I’ve always been pursuing my dreams, so I can’t say I’m frustrated or unhappy, BUT (the famous ‘but’) we just can’t stop dreaming, right? So I think it’s unhealthy to stop desiring something. I mean, we shouldn’t desire EVERYTHING, of course, but we should keep having some goals.

Well, my dream goal will be…

*wait for it*

Becoming a literary translator!

I’ve always loved reading and writing, but I like to write for myself, so translating a book I think it represents the right balance between the burden of writing something on your own and writing something for someone else without using your original ideas, but still getting to choose the words.

Starting tomorrow the hunt for my book to translate is open and I’ll be eagerly browsing Babbelcube for inspiration. I’ll start with something short, around 6-10,000 words, something I can complete in 7-10 days.

Any suggestion on what you would like translated into Italian? Or on where I could find something interesting to translate?

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