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Marketing, advertising, SEO optimization, press releases, communication plans, video-games, medicine, health, fitness, sport, tourism, environment, academic essays, legal, general finance, contracts, birth certificates, curricula, religion, cooking, gardening, sailing.

Who is a Certified Translator?

An official translation is one that comes with a signed statement attesting to the accuracy and completeness of the translation to the best of the translator’s knowledge and abilities. A Certified translator facilitates communication without barriers among people who speak varied languages. The most widely availed services are transcription, localization, website localization/translation, marketing translation, e-commerce/e-commerce translation, SEO translation, blog translation, human translation and many more.

What I provide

Apart from Italian which is my mother tongue I started learning English as my second language from age of 6, reaching a bilingual level at the age of 13. For almost ten years, I’ve been living in France and Belgium and utilizing French in my daily life. To elevate my experience, I am presently pursuing Dutch as well.

Why hire me

Different businesses require translation services for a variety of purposes and to achieve certain objectives and developing the requisite skills and procedures to do this on your own can be very costly and time-consuming. I am an accomplished professional well-versed in this domain for many years and can render my service for your benefit. Most certified translators specialize in one or two key languages whereas my competency is more than that capable of taking on the bigger scope of projects under book translation, health science translation, clinical trial transcription, fashion translation, and tourism translation along with others.



Certified Translation French to Italian
Certified Translation English to Italian


I assist in Transcription, Localization, website localization/translation, marketing translation, e-commerce/e-commerce translation, videogame localization, mtpe translation, LQS service, human translation, neural translation, literary translation, and book translation. I also extend my services to the health, science translation, clinical trial transcription, fashion translation, tourism translation, menu restaurant translation, vegan translation, shop translation, high-tech translation, software/hardware translation, AWS translation, Cloud translation, Shopify translation, beauty/cosmetic translation, crochet/knitting translation, jewels/bijoux translation, Netflix translation, tobacco/smoking/cigarettes translation, drink translation, sport/surf/bike/bicycle translation, SEO translation, newsletter translation, fact-sheet, translation, product translation, blog translation.


  • English to Italian Translation Editing
  • English to Italian Translation Proofreading
  • English to Italian Translation Review

I’ve been certified by the Tribunal de première instance du Hainaut – Division de Mons. EN/IT > FR sworn translator since 2016.

  • French to Italian Translation Editing
  • French to Italian Translation Proofreading
  • French to Italian Translation Review
  • Machine translation post-editing
  • Subtitling

I’ve been a Certified PRO: French to Italian since 2017 and an associated member of the Belgian Chamber of Translators and Interpreters.

  • French to Italian subtitling
  • English to Italian Subtitling
  • Italian to French Subtitling
  • Italian to English Subtitling


CAT Tools: Submitting, modifying, organising, and storing translations are all done via CAT tools. 
I use SDL Trados, SDL Language Cloud, Matecat, Virtaal, OmegaT, Word, Audacity, Transana, VirtualDub, SubtitleEdit, Google Translator Toolkit, Ascribe, and SmartCAT.


My best translation speed rate is 600 words/hour.


I strongly believe in transparency, that is why:

  • The fair prices put up are justified by your value and my time for money.
  • The specified rates are non-negotiable.

REMEMBER: all my rates are 21% VAT included! A 0% VAT is applicable only when clients own a European VAT number.

EN <> FR <> IT

General/marketing translation0.11EUR/word
Professional translation (legal, medical)0.15EUR/word
Sworn translation40.00EUR/page
Transcription2.00EUR/audio minute
Time coding2.00EUR/audio minute
Transcription + time coding5.50EUR/audio minute
Translation + Time coding6.00EUR/audio minute
Hourly rate40.00EUR/hour



General/marketing translation0.12EUR/word
Hourly rate40.00EUR/hour


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