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Revision of translations, website localisation and translation, e-commerce translation, video game localisation, LSQ rendering, translation for mtpe, translation of books, transcription of clinical trials, translation of information sheets for products and services, translation for the fashion sector, translation for the tourism sector, translation of software and hardware, Shopify translation, translation of restaurant menus, translation for the cinema, SEO translation, of newsletters, human translation, automatic translation post-editing, translation for blogs, and much more.

What does “certified translator” mean?

An authorized translator issues a certified translation or an authorized translation agency, accompanied by a declaration on headed paper that certifies that the translation is faithful and conforms to the source text.

The role of a certified translator is also central in other situations, such as facilitating Communication between interlocutors who speak different languages.

A certified translator can provide the most common services of transcription, website localisation and translation, e-commerce translation, SEO translation, blog translation, human translation, and more.


Services offered by me include 

Marketing, Advertising, SEO Optimization, Press Releases, Communication Plans, Fitness, Sports, Tourism, Environment, Academic Essays, Legal Environment, General Finance, Contract Administration, Birth Certificates, CV Writing, Religious Translations, Cooking Recipes, Gardening, sailing and more.

Why hire me

I am a seasoned professional with many years of experience in this field.

Most of the certified translators specialize in one or two languages and have a narrow range of skills. Still, I can also manage projects requiring a higher level of complexity: I work with a team of collaborators who help me process even essential workloads.

I consider myself extraordinarily meticulous and precise. I can manage stress and as an expert in crisis communication management, I can respond promptly to sudden critical events.

Soft skills



Certified Translation French to Italian
Certified Translation English to Italian



The finalization, modification, organization and archiving of translations take place through the use of CAT tools:

SDL Trados, SDL Language Cloud, Matecat, Virtaal, OmegaT, Word, Audacity, Transana, VirtualDub, SubtitleEdit, Google Translator Toolkit, Ascribe, and SmartCAT.



My record is 600 words / hour

Brands with which I have collaborated

Twitter, Amazon, Dell, Philips, Nike, L’Oréal, Europecar, Nuance, Ford, Radisson Blu Hotels & Resorts, B&B Hotels, ClubMed, Bellville, Michelin, Publicis Dialog, Webedia, Pernod Ricard, Doctors Without Borders and others.


Prices vary according to the project’s difficulty level and the time required to carry it out. In any case, the rates indicated are not negotiable.

IMPORTANT: all my rates are 21% VAT included.

0% VAT is applicable only when customers have a European VAT number.

EN <> FR <> IT

General/marketing translation0.11EUR/word
Professional translation (legal, medical)0.15EUR/word
Sworn translation40.00EUR/page
Transcription2.00EUR/audio minute
Time coding2.00EUR/audio minute
Transcription + time coding5.50EUR/audio minute
Translation + Time coding6.00EUR/audio minute
Hourly rate40.00EUR/hour



General/marketing translation0.12EUR/word
Hourly rate40.00EUR/hour

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