Fancy meeting some translators?

I’m attending the bi-annual SDL Trados RoadShow as usual tomorrow.


  1. because it’s free for SDL Trados users
  2. because it’s A LOT of good free food 😀 (And as a foodie I couldn’t miss it :P)
  3. because if you don’t know how to use Trados, this will definitely unlock you its universe
  4. For networking. Every time I attend I meet new people and several of my best clients came out of those Roadshows, so… even if I’m not really in need for new clients, it’s always fun to catch up with other translators 😉

Transitioning from marketing translations to literary ones, I feel a bit overwhelmed by switching to Dragon Naturally Speaking and leaving SDL and automatic translation only to marketing translations and legal ones, due to copyright issues.

I feel like betraying a bit what paid my bills for a long time. However, marketing translations are still a huge part of my earnings, so I still use it every day.

Anyway, I don’t know… I think I got this sort of ‘block’ when it comes to seeing a fictional book automatic translated and I feel this sort of urge to… just retranslate everything! So, automatic translation seems like a waste of time.

It’s strange how even my writing style changed when talking about literary translation. It’s much more about feeling, impulses, and love, instead than accurately displaying words on a screen or on a piece of sheet to make it more compelling.

Marketing has lost its appeal a long time ago to me. I thought of marketers as creatives, but there’s not much written creativity in the field anymore, more visual one of course, but when you deal with words… that sucks a bit.

Anyway, let’s meet tomorrow and enjoy our time together! 🙂



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