Who am I?

Hi! My name is Silvia Mandrioli, and I’ve been a certified translator since 2014.

After graduating in Communication Sciences in Bologna, I worked in the world of marketing for many years, covering various roles: coordinator, community manager, and press officer. These experiences contributed to my training as an official translator. 

Working closely with various entrepreneurial realities allowed me to notice how there was a growing demand for professional certified translations suitable for the general public in the market.

The skills necessary to carry out tasks such as translation, revision and localization independently, however, often go beyond the internal possibilities of a company, require time, and optimal results are not always obtained in terms of legibility and style.

That is why I decided to take the opportunity:  in 2014 I founded Tasty Communication.

Tasty Communication is my certified translation agency, specifically designed to support companies in developing their multilingual professional content.

Why Tasty Communication?

“Tasty” because I don’t just translate content but apply myself to make it enjoyable to read.

Over the years, what started as a simple project has taken on a life of its own, and I have been able to render my services to brands such as Twitter, Amazon, Dell, Philips, Nike, L’Oréal, and many others.

Projects that I dedicate myself to

However, the competence of a certified translator is not limited to the simple translation of content, and it can indeed prove to be fundamental in various situations.

Over time I have used my knowledge to assist multiple projects, including: 

  • Social Media Management of Facebook and Twitter pages
  • The management of corporate CRM for entities of various sectors
  • The organization of multiple events including online conferences, meetings, festivals, and press conferences – which hosted up to 120,000 people
  • I played the role of PR on behalf of publishers and distributors
  • I am an official contributor to some of the most famous professional translation bodies such as Lionbridge, Translated.net, Welocalize, Edit-place, Lingual Consultancy and Tolq.com


My studies and passion for the video games sector have also allowed me to work as a consultant at the Politecnico di Milano and support some students in developing their start-ups, managing a team of 20 moderators and a community of 300,000 users.

Technical skills

I have an advanced level in using the Windows suite, Mac OS Office, and Adobe packages. I can also work in HTML and XML to edit press releases or write for websites or blogs.

A little about me

Aside from Italian, my mother tongue, I began studying English as a second language at six and reached bilingual status at thirteen.

I have lived between France and Belgium for almost 10 years, and I use French daily. To broaden my cultural background, at the moment, I’m also studying Dutch.

In my spare time, I love sailing, yoga, recuperart, and gardening in my spare time. I actively participate as a volunteer in a group purchasing organisation, and I give private Italian lessons.


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