The worst at keeping you up-to-date

There is no doubt I am the worst at keeping you up-to-date with what I am doing, but you know the saying “no news is good news”, right?

I have been translating more than a million words in the past 2 years! And this is the first time I am able to catch my breath!

I translated my first book and I am finishing my second one at the moment, which I’ll be promoting at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair this April, so I’m planning to expand the literary translation part of my business (thinking about my portfolio, getting contacts, organizing meetings, printing business cards). That’s exciting, but also very tiring and not very rent-paying at the end of the month, I must say.

The rest has been the usual: luxury holiday houses, computers, video games, takeout websites, and whatever marketing is fond of these days.

There has been the if-I-can’t-earn-enough-the-employment-office-is-gonna-ask-me-to-close-my-business drama last August, which led to no-vacation time at all, working my ass off to show my ‘good faith’, high blood pressure (being vegan I must say it’s really something!) and my earnings tripled compared to the last 3 years, so I’m definitely not complaining on the money-side.

I’ve also decided of getting the Belgian citizenship (4 years and 11 months to go! One has to start somewhere…), because… well, I did not like much the August scare, so… I’d like to decide which job I WANT to do and how much I WANT to earn, without any more threat on that side.

Last Christmas was spent at the hospital in Italy, my father had a stroke. He got surgery and everything went fine. Three days later he was already his old self and now he is even in better shape than me! All’s well that ends well.

I think that this summarizes pretty well my past year!

Hope to write to you soon, but if not… at least you know I am not dead! 😛


PS. If you are coming to the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, just drop me a line on my socials, I will be happy to have an Italian coffee with you 😉

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