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«We cooperated with Silvia for almost 1 year and she proved to be professional and reliable. Moreover she’s very proactive and flexible. I would definitely work with her again.»
«We recently devised and agreed upon a marketing style guide process and cadence with Twitter for their marketing content. This is in conjunction with Lionbridge LQS, who function as in-country SMEs on Twitter's behalf. Given the fast pace of the account, it is imperative that feedback is swiftly incorporated into our language assets and circulated amongst translators, so they can apply it to future marcom projects. The first iteration of the style guide update took place this week and David O'Reilly, Twitter vendor manager, wrote to us to call out the Italian reviewer's excellent work in capturing their voice and style in the guide. From David: "I just wanted to say that Silvia added examples to the style guide during the week - and they are fantastic examples. [...] This will really provide some great info for translators and can demonstrate to our internal stakeholders that we have a great system in place. "»
«Silvia is a professional translator, expert in gaming. She has been involved in various projects managed by the Edit-place editorial team, concerning travel, fashion and e-commerce.»
«Ho collaborato con Silvia ed abbiamo gestito un progetto importante insieme. La nostra azienda è rimasta soddisfatta con il suo servizio che è affidabile e preciso! Grazie mille!»
«Had the chance to work with Silvia in the past for the websites and – together we arranged articles, features, contests for our readers, and she’s always been extremely helpful with everything. A truly great person to work with, the kind you wish you could deal with more often!»
«Poliedrica, professionale, produttiva, poliglotta, presente e pratica. Ed ho usato solo la P…»
«Silvia è un esempio di massima dedizione al prodotto che rappresenta, celerità, gentilezza e disponibilità la eleggono tra le migliori persone con cui la DigitalSource abbia avuto a che fare.»
«Silvia is one of the best female PR and CCM within the whole italian MMO market. She has been really dedicated, active and assertive in collaborating with me and with colleagues from other sites.»
«Silvia è molto professionale, in questi anni siamo stati spesso in contatto via mail per Comunicati Stampa che dovevo pubblicare ed eventi Ankama, puntuale nelle news/video che riguardavano le ultime novità sui giochi Ankama.»
Edoardo D’Alessandro
Comic book Editor